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Check out our tipi area to experience Native artisans stepping back in time.
Powwow Etiquette

There are several guidelines that you should know as a courtesy to the Powwow participants: Powwows are fun events, but they are also sacred events. Ceremonial songs and dances, which are sacred, are performed from time to time throughout the powwow.

People should stand during all ceremonial songs and dances. These include the Grand Entry, Flag Songs, Veteran Songs, Honor Songs, and any other songs that the M.C. designates as a ceremonial song - Please stand quietly out of respect and always remove your hat/headgear.

People should listen to the M.C. as he will announce the different songs and will also let people know when they can dance and when they cannot. He will also give you other information and news.

Do not take any photos, videos or sound recordings of ceremonies without prior permission from the person or group you are recording. Some areas of Turtle Island to not allow the recording of ceremonies. Photography is permited only at certain times; listen to the M.C. for details. If you would like to photograph individuals, please ask them for their permission first and respect their decision.

The dancers wear "regalia" while they are dancing, NOT "costumes". People should NOT touch the regalia. NEVER pick up a piece of a dancer's outfit. Point out the item to the dancer and they will retrieve it.

No Dogs are Allowed on the powwow grounds except for service animals.

Do NOT walk across the dance arena, the chairs around the dance arena are for the dancers. You can bring your own chairs, or there are bleachers for you to sit in.

Respect the Elders, Drummers, Singers, Dancers, and the Powwow staff and Committee!!

Dance Competition Rules

Point System - all contestants will have two "go rounds".

  Once registered, you cannot change categories.
  Points can be accumulated through willingness to participate in Grand Entry, Intertribals, Exhibitions, Spot Checks and Contests.
  You must enter Grand Entry with your proper dance and age category.
  #'s must be on your left side and visible at all times.
  All dancers must be completely ready during Grand Entry.
  All dancers must contest only in the category they are registered in. **Parents: please ensure that your children dance in the correct categories.
  Each dancer will be given only one number at registration. Lost numbers will not be reissued.
  Contest songs will be in drum rotation.
  There will be no warm-ups; Intertribals only.
  Any dispute concerning a contest must be brought to the attention of the Head Judge directly after the contest song, otherwise complaints will be void. Final decisions rest with the Head Judge and/or Arena Director, in consultation with the Powwow committee.
  In a fair contest, dancers are not to be related to a dance judge by blood, marriage, or adoption. Failure on the part of the dancer to inform the Head Judge or Arena Director of a familial relationship to a judge will result in disqualification for that session.
  In the event of a dance off, all dancers involved will be given three (3) chances to appear in the dance area.
  No points will be awarded in a dance off.
  No whistles during contest songs.
  Only Tiny Tots can move up an age category


  If any major item falls off, the competitor is disqualified for that session only.
  Intoxicants and/or drugs - anyone using these substances will be disqualified and removed from the grounds.

The Akwesasne International Powwow committee and the sponsors of the event are not liable for accidents, damages, injuries, lost or stolen articles, or hardships.

Enjoy the good songs, dance hard, and good luck!

Prize Payouts

Category 1st 2nd 3rd 4th
Tiny Tots receive day money
Junior's Trad, Grass, Jingle, Fancy, Smoke, Age 6-12 $200 $100 $50 $25
Teen's Trad, Grass, Jingle, Fancy, Smoke, Age 13-17 $400 $300 $200 $100
Jr. Adults Trad, Grass, Jingle, Fancy, 18-34 $800 $600 $400 $200
Sr. Adults Trad, Grass, Jingle, Fancy, 35-54 $800 $600 $400 $200
Golden Age 55+ Combined $800 $600 $400 $200
Jr. Smoke 18-34 $800 $600 $400 $200
Sr. Smoke 35+ $800 $600 $400 $200
Big Drum Contest $5000 $4000 $3000 $2000
Blanket dance will be done for non-placing drums.for travel money.


Men's Traditional ~ Hosted by Sonny Papatie: Giving Back to the Circle - Honouring The Dancers


~ Women & Men 16+ Smoke Dance Specials

~ Golden Age 55+ Women & Men Smoke Dance Specials

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FROM OTTAWA: Take the 417 E. to Monkland/Cornwall/Hwy 138 exit, and turn right onto Hwy 138, towards Cornwall. Continue to "T" in the road and turn right onto Hwy 138/Cornwall Centre Road. Continue then turn left onto Hwy 138/Brookdale Ave. Continue on Brookdale Ave. and follow signs towards AKWESASNE. Go thru tolls, and across bridge to Cornwall Island, turn left at STOP sign. Turn left on Philip Hops Road/Arena Road towards the Anowara'ko:wa Arena/powwow grounds.

FROM MONTREAL: Take the 20 W., it becomes the 401 in Ontario. Take Exit 789/Brookdale Ave. & turn left on Brookdale Ave. Follow signs to AKWESASNE. Go thru tolls, and across bridge to Cornwall Island, turn left at STOP sign. Turn left on Phillip Hops Road/Arena Road towards the Anowara'ko:wa Arena/powwow grounds.

FROM THE USA: Follow Rte. 37 to Bridge to Canada. Go over Bridge and report directly to the CBSA (Canada Border Services Agency) border crossing in the city of Cornwall as required under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act and the Customs Act. Once processed by CBSA, travellers will be able to continue back to Cornwall Island. Turn left at STOP sign. Turn left on Phillip Hops Road/Arena Road towards the Anowara'ko:wa Arena/powwow grounds.

Canadians: When leaving the powwow from Cornwall Island, you will be required to report to Cdn. customs upon re-entry into Cornwall/Canada.
Americans: When leaving the powwow from Cornwall Island, you will need to report to U.S. customs.

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